2014 Caterpillar 140M2 VHP PLUS in SOUTHAMPTON

2324 Hours
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ACCUGRADE READY, CAB W/ HEAT & A/C, MB: 14', MID MOUNT SCARIFIER, AUX HYD, TYRES 14.00R24TG FRONT, 14.00-24 REAR Engine Blow By Minimal Oil Or Fuel Leaks None visable General Running Condition Really good Drive Train Transmission All works as should Differential Rear No noise Final Drives All ok, no unwanted noise General Condition and any other comments Really good, all gears working Hydraulics Hydraulic Tank No leaks, above level Valves No leaks, all working Hydraulic Motors No leaks, working strong Pumps No hydraulic issues General Running Condition Of Hydraulics Really good Auxilery Hydraulics Working as should (scarifier) Cylinders No leaks or major pitting Hoses All hoses look in good order Cab Back Up Alarm Loud and clear Battery Isolator Switch Stiff but working Lights All working Wipers All good Heater Good heat A/C Cold Seat Condition Good, clean condition, all working Cladding Condition Good clean condition Floor Mat Condition Good clean condition Seat Belt Full working order Mirrors All good Horn Loud and clear Cab Glass Sound? Good Steps And Grab Handles Secure? All steps and handles secure Blade Blade Width 4288mm Blade Height 580mm Cutting Edges Condition Really good, 75mm edge left & 100mm Linkage On Back Of Blade Pivot Pins: 1 mm, Blade Runners: 3 - 5mm, Tilt ram: 0mm Turntable Wear 5 - 7mm Play in turntable rotation, 5 - 7mm play in up and down play Pitch Ram Wear Top: 1mm, Bottom: 1mm Main Lift Rams L/H: Top: 0mm, Bottom: 2mm. R/H: Top: 0mm, Bottom: 2 - 3mm General Blade Condition Really Good Scarifier Make CAT Number Of Tines 11 Tines Wear In Tine Pins Minimal to none Wear In Mounting Pins Minimal to none General Condition Really good Panels & Paint/Decals Paint Condition Good condition, odd scratch Any Decals Ripped Main decals only have light scratching Tyres L/H Front 60% No damage R/H Front 50% No damage L/H Rear Front 95% No damage R/H Rear Front 45% No damage L/H Rear Back 95% No damage R/H Rear Back 45% no damage

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